PARKING LOT: Will not proceed there …

Your input counted! Lanstone Homes is pleased to announce that the Township staff have agreed “the proposed parking lot WILL NOT proceed in the proposed location”. Neighbours to the Denny Ross Park, some for over twenty years, made it very clear that the sloping green space was extensively used by families and kids for frisbee, picnics, sunbathing, snow sledding, strolling, watching the games in the shade, walking the dogs, etc. Instead, Lanstone Homes will work to find suitable alternatives to satisfy the Township’s requirement to accommodate park users who drive to the park. There were a few suggestions pointing to the area behind the baseball diamond.  Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated?Post Parking Lot Stopped

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Need for Parking Lot Questioned

IMG_2826Residents adjacent to Denny Ross Memorial Park have made their objections clear by marking the proposed location of a 30 car parking lot with yellow caution tape. Click on the Suggestion Box to view the on-line comments received so far. As well, written submissions on all aspects of the proposal to redevelop the former Murrayville School property were received at the Public Information meeting held on November 22, 2017. Below is a sketch which shows the location of the parking lot proposed by Township Parks. Lanstone Homes has requested that the Township reconsider this requirement in light of the outpouring of concern by nearby neighbours. Lanstone Homes is committed to working with the residents and the Township to preserve the green space in this location. Parking Lot Location

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THANK YOU: Over 230 attended

Nov 22 Open HouseOn Wednesday November 22 between Noon and 8 pm over 230 attended the public information meeting at the former Murrayville School to view plans for the redevelopment of the former 5 ac school property. Lanstone Homes would like to thank everyone who gave their time to attend the open house and provide their comments. All of your input will be considered and will be shared with the Township of Langley.

The biggest issue was Langley Township’s requirement that the developer construct a 30 car parking lot for park users on existing green space in the adjacent Neighbourhood Park, Denny Ross Memorial Park.

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OPEN HOUSE: Wed Nov 22 Noon – 8 pm

Open House EntranceReminder: Lanstone Homes invites you to an open house being held from Noon to 8 pm on Wednesday November 22, 2017 at the former Murrayville School (21812 – 48 Ave) to view plans on the redevelopment of the school site and provide your input.


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OPEN HOUSE: Wed Nov 22 – Noon – 8 pm

48th Streetscape

You are invited! Lanstone Homes is hosting a public information meeting (open house) on Wednesday November 22, 2017 from Noon to 8 pm at the Murrayville School (21812 – 48 Ave). Lanstone Homes proposes to amend the Murrayville Community Plan by redesigning the former Murrayville School property at 21812 – 48 Ave from “School” to a multi-family land use designation and to rezone the property from Civic Institutional Zone (P-1) to a Comprehensive Development Zone. This would allow for the development of 48 single and 1& 1/2 storey townhomes, many with master bedroom on the main floor, and the restoration and conversion of the original Murrayville Schoolhouse into 6 residential units. Application for a Heritage Alteration Permit has also been submitted. Please join us to have a look at the drawings and let us know what you think.Schoolhouse 48th


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SCHOOLHOUSE: Conservation Plan

Conservation PlanA Heritage Conservation Plan for the original 1911 Schoolhouse has been prepared by Donald Luxton & Associates. The plan includes moving the building on the site to maintain the connection and relationship to other historic buildings on the adjacent public park. The Conservation Plan is based on Parks Canada’s Standards & Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada. It outlines the preservation, restoration, and rehabilitation that will occur as part of the proposed development. Donald Luxton is a long-time heritage advocate with a keen interest in preservation.
The Conservation Plan can be viewed by clicking on the page tab (above): 1911 Schoolhouse.


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Murrayville Schoolhouse

Lanstone Homes is pleased to announce the purchase of the former Murrayville Elementary School site on 48 Avenue in the Township of Langley. The property, adjacent to the Denny Ross Park, is approximately 5 acres. Lanstone Homes, builder of McBride Station in Fort Langley, has engaged Focus Architecture to plan a quality housing layout which will fit into the surrounding neighbourhood.

“The preservation of the original Belmont Superior School is one of our objectives in planning for the redevelopment of this property”, said Lanson Foster of Lanstone Homes. “Our goal is to come up with a plan for the site that respects community character. We were able to do that quite successfully with our McBride Station development in Fort Langley. The heritage of the school site here in Murrayville has some exciting possibilities.”


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