A one-room school located just south of Murray’s Corners was built in 1891, and was the earliest public school in Langley. It remained in use until 1911, when a two-room school was built at the top of the hill on Old Yale Road. One room was later sub-divided into three rooms, and two more rooms were added in 1913.

In 1913-14, the name was changed to Belmont Superior School and high school classes were offered.

In 1918, sections of the school were renamed Murrayville Public School and Langley High School. The facilities were shared by the two schools until 1922, when a lack of space forced the high school to move to temporary rented quarters in Milner Hall.

The original Belmont structure is now the back portion of the present Murrayville school. The row of oak trees, which was probably planted when the original Belmont school was constructed, still stands along 48 Avenue in front of Murrayville Elementary.


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